Why have they got their fingers in their ears?

What comes to mind when you hear someone singing off key? (Maybe that’s you ☺) Karaoke night provides an interesting platform that allows anyone to grab a microphone and provide the voice to the music of popular songs. Most are doing it for fun but frequently someone sings so badly off key yet believing they are the next Michael Bublé.

Sometimes those who’ve convinced themselves they have real talent will pursue that dream until they find themselves on stage at America’s Got Talent. We’ve all seen contestants that get booed off the stage midway through their act to their utter surprise.

How can a person can be that ‘off key’ and not know it? One wonders whether they had ever asked their spouse or a trusted friend directly what they thought? Could it be that this ‘self absorption’ creates and fosters blind spots?

At one time or another most of us have eaten humble pie after waking up from some story we were telling ourselves. If these events result in the recalibration of our views and/or actions then in retrospect a little embarrassment might be viewed as a teachable moment.  

On the other hand if the self-absorption is well established it could blind us to the point of becoming oblivious to any of the available signs. Short of putting their fingers in their ears if we are ‘singing off key’ our listening audience typically offers us valuable feedback if not in words themselves then in a variety of body language.  

If our hubris has mothballed our capacity to tune into these clues – we may well be losing the interest and/or confidence of those we frequently communicate with.  

It’s surprising what the difference is when we have the respect of our audience.

Stephen Roehrig
Vice-President, Operations
Intrust Communications Inc.

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