What is mediation?

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Are you still wondering what mediation is? You aren’t alone, it is the best kept secret for couples and families in crisis.

It’s a process where you actively participate in making decisions that affect you. Sound good?

Well it gets better! It’s a voluntary process that has a huge success rate and is cheaper than the traditional methods of resolving conflict through lawyers or the court system.

Whether it is a parenting plan during separation or post divorce, a communication & action plan during family conflict or a caregiving plan, mediation keeps the power of decision making with you and your family.

Here’s another benefit to you. I personally know the stress of family conflict, divorce and being a caregiver. Often having someone on the outside who doesn’t have the emotional attachment to your family’s stress can add real value and help you make decisions more effectively.

Jacinta Ball - Intrust communicationsJacinta Ball is a professional facilitator, mediator, conflict management expert and blogger at Intrust Communications Inc. She’s also the mother of four grown offspring.

Jacinta spent ten years as a Children’s Advocate with the United Nations. She has worked with all levels of government, MPs and MLAs, school boards, CEOs, businesses and individuals to help them achieve their goals. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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