“Jacinta made it easy to talk about a very difficult situation. That is not to say that it was easy to talk about it — she gave me a way, a guiding structure to work through my issues.  She helped me to stay focused and learn what was most important to ME. She encouraged me to not give up when it would have been way easier to throw  in the towel.  She taught me how to listen more effectively, to hear what my partner was saying and in turn, helped me to respond more succinctly.

She also taught me to take responsibility for my part in the conflict and even though my partner might not be willing to work with me, I could positively change how I communicated.

It was definitely money well spent and would highly recommend InTrust to my friends and family.”

~A Grateful Client

“Long before Sheryl Sandberg wrote her signature book on how women may own and shape leadership roles in corporate cultures, I was provided with opportunities to work with team members in Edmonton Public Schools and later in Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools who knew how to lean in.  In leadership services, we leaned in daily to discern and understand shared interests. We leaned in to really listen and grieve with parents who’s hearts were hurting. We leaned in to bridge policy with practice for our school leaders who were working diligently each day to deliver high quality education programs and still really see, hear and support children, youth and families.   By leaning forward in our chairs towards our clients, we found our common ground, our shared humanity, our mutual regard for the dignity and development of students.

Jacinta Ball knows how to lean in.  She is a skilled, articulate, bright facilitator who knows how to guide our efforts to collaborate around and for students.  Jacinta helps us to avoid positional approaches that require investments of time and energy in defending our particular points of view and instead leads us to seek ways to understand and devote our precious resources towards the success of students.  She is an astute observer of human behaviour, an attentive listener and an adroit facilitator and negotiator.   I am pleased to recommend Jacinta Ball and her InTrust Communications team.  “

Colleen McClure  B.A., B.Ed. with Distinction, M.A.
Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools

“When I came to see Jacinta at InTrust Communication, my life and my family’s life were in a complete state of chaos. I was in a state of despair and felt I had nowhere else to turn.  I saw the hurt and turmoil that I had caused and could see no way out.  This was undoubtedly in the darkest and most hopeless days of my life.

Jacinta’s caring, loving and firm coaching approach helped me in ways that are almost beyond words.  As we worked together, I was able to rediscover hope, earn back my self-respect and also regain the trust of my beloved family.  I was able to become truly humble and grateful and my life has been forever changed.  I was in such a dark and hopeless place that I really didn’t believe there was any way out.

My life has completely changed since working with Jacinta and I will be forever indebted for the support, guidance and coaching that was provided to me.  When I thought this could get no better I learned something that I will never forget. I am now a far better father and husband and a better person in all aspects.  I owe my life to Jacinta for her honesty and forthrightness.”