Have you ‘lost the plot’?

Everything is constantly changing.  Nature is likely our greatest teacher with this and yet often we’re reminded that we still don’t ‘get it’.

When it dumps snow in May we’re surprised and yet it does happen, doesn’t it?  We might all grumble that it ‘shouldn’t happen’ but none of us would say it ‘couldn’t happen’.

How many of us step outside the door in the morning in a rush and neglect to pay attention to our surroundings?  The sky is dark, it’s windy and yet nothing is registering that it might rain.  Our intuition might even whisper ‘take an umbrella’ and yet we forge ahead and ‘hope’ it stays dry.   And then, of course, Mother Nature has a giggle as she waits for the most inopportune time to ‘express’ herself.

How is it that we’ve become so oblivious to the signs around us?  You might all say of course everything is changing, Stephen – duh – everyone knows that!   And yet, everyday we have unwelcome experiences that highlight just how out of sync we are with reality.   All too often we lament “If only we had done this or that we could’ve avoided this.”  Isn’t it true that a brutally honest post-event reflection often times reveals that there were opportunities to make better choices and yet…we didn’t.  Why is that exactly?

How does one become more in touch with the dynamic within our busy lives?  What is it that promotes tunnel vision rather than a reliable awareness that alerts us to the potentialities in our worlds?  Have we allowed ourselves to become so consumed with material pursuits that we’ve deviated away from our values?  Does it take an ‘accident’ to finally stop the metaphorical ‘texting while we’re driving?’

The practice of reviewing the ‘surprises’ in our lives naturally leads to becoming more conscious of ourselves and our surroundings.  One could think of it as an ‘early warning system’ that helps us manoeuver more skillfully through our lives and lessen the chances of ‘losing the plot’.

Stephen Roehrig
Managing Director
InTrust Communications Inc.

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