Intrust Communications

InTrust Communications is a values based communications-consulting firm. Our communication team is comprised of leaders who specialize in difficult situations. We provide support in the management of interpersonal differences in both corporate and personal settings. Our ultimate goal is to maximize human potential by bringing out the best in ourselves and others.

The focus is to simplify the mysteries of conflict. When people know the full range of possibilities and think through the potential outcomes, they make better decisions. Knowledge, preparation and training keep you ahead of difficult situations by seeing and responding to things differently. Communication (or lack of it) is one of the three main drivers of every conflict.

InTrust Communications Inc. turns conflict into opportunities that make life better, at work, and at home. When we walk our talk conflict can become life giving. It can change the world: motivate, annihilate, create, formulate, facilitate.

InTrust Communications has been guiding people since 1998 by modeling our corporate values of fairness, respect, honesty and integrity.

Call us for a free 15 minute assessment (780) 504-1010 or email us for more information.